Bore 86 m.m., 3.385-in. Stroke 86 m.m., 3.385-in.

Cubic capacity (swept volume) 498 c.c., 30.39 cu. ins.

Rated horse power (A.C.U. Rating) 5 h.p.

*Running tappet clearances (set cold) : Inlet .005-in.

Exhaust : .005in.

Engine-prefix letters and serial number stamped on left-hand side of crankcase just below the cylinder base face. See page 00.


Overall gear ratios with standard size (18 teeth) Sprocket on gearbox † : First, 11.25. Second, 7.76. Third, 5.91. Fourth (top), 4.9. Gearbox prefix letters and serial number stamped on top of housing.


Fuel Tank : 3 gallons ; 13.6 litres ; 3.6 U.S. gallons.

Oil Tank :    ½ gallon; 2.27 litres; .6 U.S. gallon.


Primary Drive Sprockets : Engine, 23 teeth; Clutch, 44 teeth.

Rear Drive Sprockets : Gearbox, 18 teeth (solo); Rear hub, 46 teeth.

Primary Chain : Pitch, .5-in. ; Width, .305-in. ; Roller diameter, .335-in., 68 Pitches.

Rear Chain : Pitch, .625-in. ; Width, .380-in. ; Roller dia., .4-in. 101 pitches.


Front Rim : WM2 x 19-in. Front Tyre : 19 x 3.25-in. Rear Rim : WM2 x 19-in. Rear Tyre : 19 x 3.25-in.


Prefix letters and serial number stamped on right-hand side of front saddle lug.

Please quote engine prefix letters and serial number on all orders for spare parts, or if writing for technical advice.

* These are running clearances. Different clearances must be employed for checking the valve timing.

 †A smaller sprocket must be fitted to reduce the gear ratios if a sidecar is attached to the machine.