New motor-cycles are usually despatched from the factory by rail or road transport. They require oil and fuel in the tanks before being used, and most Agents check, and if necessary fill the oil tank, and the gearbox, and fill and charge the battery before the new owner collects the machine from the showroom.

It is most important, however, to make sure that this has been done before starting the engine. It is also necessary, if the oil feed pipe has been disturbed or emptied of oil, to fill it to prime the oil pump, and to check the oil feed. This is fully described on page 27.

As the service that the battery will give depends greatly upon the initial filling and charging being done correctly to the maker's instructions (which are sent out with the new battery) it is essential to have this done properly, and no attempt must be made to rush the charging by exceeding the charge rate that the makers specify.

The oil tank should be filled to within about one inch of the tank top; that is somewhere about two and a half inches from the top edge of the filler neck.

To fill the gearbox first remove the level plug and filler plug—see illustration, page 50, and pour in oil slowly until it runs out of the level plug hole. When this happens stop pouring, and allow the surplus oil to drain out. When the flow ceases, but not before, refit the level plug and filler plug. Have the machine standing upright when draining the excess oil away.

Suitable oils for the engine and gearbox are listed on page 23.

Check the tyre pressures and adjust as needed. For recommended pressures see page 45.