In Great Britain a rider must hold a current Driver's Licence, and must be insured against claims by the public (Third Party cover) as a minimum. Additional cover against accidental damage, fire, and theft is optional but highly desirable.

The Driver's Licence may be " Provisional," for vehicles in Group G, or for "All Groups." A Provisional licence-holder must display standard " L " plates fore and aft on the machine, and may not carry a passenger unless the passenger is the holder of a current Group " G " or "All Groups " licence ; that is no unlicensed or other Provisionally licensed driver must be carried.

The clauses on the Insurance Certificate should be studied carefully and memorised, and if the Certificate does not specify that the holder is covered by insurance when driving another motor-cycle he may only drive another machine which is insured for " any rider." As the penalty for riding uninsured is very severe, including the suspension of the Driving Licence, it is important to see that all is in order before taking out the machine.

Sign the Driver's Licence in the space provided as soon as it is received. It is an offence not to do so. A copy of the " Highway Code " is issued with each Provisional Licence, or may usually be obtained at a Money Order Post Office. This should be studied carefully, and the main points memorised. It contains sound advice.

The Driver's Licence and Insurance Certificate need not be carried, but if asked to produce them for inspection by a Police Officer the rider may arrange to take them, within a specified period, to any Police Station of his choosing.

The motor-cycle must be registered and the Road Tax paid. The Licence disc has to be displayed in the Licence holder at all times.

The registration letters and numbers allotted to the machine must be painted on the number plates, or transfers of the letters and figures fixed neatly. This is usually done by the dealer when the machine is bought new.

Full directions for renewing the Road Fund Licence are given in the Registration Book issued when the machine is first registered.