All plating is porous and although rustless is liable to deteriorate due to the corrosion of the surfaces to which it is applied. This is especially noticeable with plated ferrous parts which will rust due to moisture penetrating from the outside.

It is therefore recommended that whilst still clean on a new machine it should be wiped over with " Rust Veto Amber X ". To prevent the surface attracting dust the excess can be wiped off. Protection will be afforded by what has penetrated the plating. Small tins of " Rust Veto Amber X can be obtained from the Service Dept., Hall Green.

Plating can be cleaned by first washing with soap and water and then polishing with " F.L.P." (Makers, G. H. White, 102, Lowestoft Road, Gorleston, Norfolk). Brush over with Rust-Veto after cleaning.