To carry out any work to the internal parts of the engine, starter, clutch, or gearbox the engine and gearbox unit must be removed from the frame. The design allows for this to be done very easily and in a very short time. The rear swinging fork with the universal joint, propeller shaft and bevel drive is left in situ.

Remove the engine covers. They are held by two nuts at the rear of the gearbox, and to two of the cylinder base nuts.

Detach from the engine the throttle control cables, the petrol pipes, and remove the exhaust pipes. Disconnect the clutch control cable and the speedometer drive. The hexagon nut securing the drive to the gearbox is accessible through the opening in the gearbox casing. See note, page 48. Separate the electric leads from the generator at the ' jack' connectors, and disconnect the gear control rod from the arm on the gearbox.

Remove the nuts securing the gearbox to the rear bearer brackets, and the engine fixing bolts at the front which hold the engine bearer to the frame.
Some assistance is needed at this stage to support the unit whilst it is pulled forward and away from the frame.