The rear swinging fork must be in place and the pivots and gearbox bearer brackets bolted to the ears on the frame. See page 51. See that the large felt ring is in place in the spigot in the rear of the gearbox housing so that the open convex side faces the rear. If the felt is dry soak some clean oil into it.

Bring the engine unit alongside the frame. Raise the rear end so that by tilting the whole unit forward the generator will go down between the frame front down tubes. When in this position level it up bringing the gear box rear end opposite to the rear mountings and the secondary gearshaft splines in line with the universal joint. Guide the splines into the front end of the joint, and the studs into the holes in the bearer brackets.

It may be necessary to turn the universal joint a little either way to mate the splines. If the rear wheel is fitted the necessary movement can be given by turning the wheel. When the splines have engaged push the unit back as far as it will go and fit the four fixing nuts, and the two front end fixing bolts through the front bearer bracket and the ears on the frame.

Refit the electric leads, control cables, pipes, etc.

N.B.—When refitting the speedometer flexible drive do not over tighten the connection at the gearbox end. Although the nut is of hexagon shape it must be fitted finger-tight only.