It should not be necessary to remove this unless the time has come to renew the element. To take it off, detach the two oil pipes. When reĀ¬moving them from the unions on the crankcase and pressure valve body respectively hold the hexagons of the unions with a second spanner to prevent them turning when the union nuts are slackened.

Take off the two nuts that hold the filter body to the clutch housing. The body will pull clear. Hold it upright with the finger over the inlet at the bottom to retain the oil temporarily and drain later when clear of the machine.

Renewal of Filter Element.

The element must be renewed - not cleaned - after every 10,000 miles use at the latest. In some conditions of service more frequent renewal might be advisable.

Cleaning is deprecated because the sediment and sludge trapped in the filter will unavoidably become suspended in the cleaning fluid and thus be transferred to the outside of the fabric from which it will enter the oil stream direct to the bearings that the filter is designed to protect.

The sump should be drained and fresh oil used at every change of element.

Hold the filter body upright by fixing the hexagon of the adapter at the inlet end in a vice. Cover the vice jaws to protect it from damage. Remove the nut and gasket from the cap at the other end, pull off the cap. The element can then be withdrawn.

Wash all metal parts and the gaskets in clean petrol. With the adapter held in the vice as before fit the gasket over it on the shoulder and then put back the cap. If the cap gaskets have been leaking fit new ones.

Fit the new element setting in so that a recess is opposite the outlet hole in the side of the body. This prevents restriction of the flow. Soak the element with clean engine oil.

With the gasket carefully centralised put on the top cap, the stud gasket, and the nut. Tighten fully. Refit to the unit and put back the outlet pipe leaving the nut loose at the filter end. The filter must be primed before starting the engine, and the union nut is tightened after checking the flow. See next section.

Priming the Filter and Checking the Oil Supply.

With a force feed oil can or syringe fill the body with clean engine oil by injecting it through the inlet union until it is forced out of the outlet union in the side of the body. Refit the inlet oil pipe and tighten the unions fully.

Start the engine and run it slowly. After a moment or so oil should be forced out at the outlet union that was intentionally left loose. When the flow is steady tighten the nut fully. If there is no flow prime the filter again.

This check must be made before putting a new machine into commission or if the filter is disturbed.