Fix the lever end of the shaft in a vice that has the jaws covered with soft metal clamps. Bend back the lock-washer tab and remove the lock-ring using LET780 (Fig. 13). For future reference note the setting of the segment in relation to the lever on the shaft before withdrawing it from the splines. After removal of the segment pull out the shaft from the bearing and remove the spring.

The Starter Shaft Bearing and Oil Seal

If the bearing has to be renewed it can be pressed out together with the oil seal. Once removed the oil seal must be renewed - do not refit the old one.
Renewing the Starter Shaft Oil Seal.

Use Service Tool LET786 and appropriate collars (Fig. 14). Put the oil seal on the tool, place the tool in position in the bearing and draw the new oil seal into place by tightening the nut.

Refitting the Starter Shaft and Segment.

Examine the segment for wear or damage, and renew if necessary. Fit the spring over the starter shaft with the shorter turned-over end facing the lever (Fig. 36). Oil the bearing portion of the shaft and push it through the bush. The segment must be set correctly in relation to the shaft. To set it, hold the clutch housing with the shaft and spring fitted to it so that the splined end of the shaft is uppermost. Set the shaft so that the lever is located in relation to the housing as shown in Fig. 12. Fit the segment so that the straight unbroken edge is at right angles to the lever at the other end of the shaft, and remote from the small starter pinion. In other words the segment is set so that with the shaft in the position shown (Fig. 12) the unbroken straight edge is almost vertical, and the split edge with the relieved tooth facing the starter pinion. If in doubt refer to the Spare Parts List.

Hold the lever in the vice again, and fit the tabwasher and lock-ring. Tighten the lock-ring and bend a tab of the washer to lock it.

The Starter Crank.

This fits the squared end of the shaft and is locked by a clamp bolt. Removal of the bolt enables the crank to be removed. The starter lever shaft can be taken out after removing the starter flange assembly from the side of the gearbox. It is held by three ┬╝in. nuts.